To secure Australia's football future

We will work to develop the best environment for the game so every generation – male and female - is a golden generation. 

Unite the Game

Align Competitions

  • Move A-League to winter to align with NSD & possible pro/rel

  • Re-engage with all supporters

  • This is better for participation in Asia, gives players a better time of year to play & helps unite the pyramid


Re-boot A-League

Put the 'A' (Australia)

into A-League

  • Expand the competition to 16 by 2022

  • Eliminate the salary cap

  • Maintain visa players at no more than 5

  • All A-League youth teams to play NPL1 to U-23 level

  • Introduce a transfer & compensation system

Expand football footprint

Give more players more playing time

  • Expand the A-League to 16 teams by 2022, with every club to have a W-League team

  • Introduce a national second division with full pro/rel by 2023

  • Introduce a national second division for women by 2025 leveraging the 2023 World Cup

Focus on football

More football, less administration

  • Expand FFA Congress to include greater representation of the football family

  • Use the money in football to fund football activities, not layers of administration

  • Align administration with one strategic policy direction with state-based operations

Own our biggest asset

'FFA TV' - Football's very own Netflix

  • Own rights to all competitions: A-League, W-League, Socceroos, Matildas, FFA Cup, National Second Division, state leagues, national youth competitions etc

  • Engage with players & supporters at every level

  • Commercialise opportunities from top-to-bottom

  • Emphasises football's competitive edge over other sports - played by men, women, kids, older generations

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