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We have sought independent counsel, and are across the issues, in the defamation case brought by Football Queensland against Bonita Mersiades. We want to make it clear that we support Bonita.

The Golden Generation was established earlier this year for one simple reason: we want to take the game forward and secure Australia’s football future.

That is why we put forward five goals to achieve that: to expand the football footprint, to unite the game, to focus on football, to re-boot the A-League, and to own our biggest assets.

For far too long, the game has lost touch with the people who matter most: fans, players, coaches, referees, volunteers, and all those who have helped build the game over decades and who help make it tick-over every day in more than 2,500 clubs across the country.

We are here for those people, of whom Bonita is one.

Australian football needs passionate football people. It needs people who live and breathe it, and who do not think about what football can do for them, but what they can do for football.

We urge the Board of Football Queensland to drop this spurious defamation action against Bonita or be forever condemned for failing to put football first.

We urge the boards of the nine other federations to advise their fellow Congress members to do likewise.

We urge those who are in positions of power in football to welcome - and to get used to - transparency and accountability in their custodianship of our game.

And we urge the real football people of Australia to stand with us against the culture of intimidation and bullying which appears, sadly, to have pervaded the highest management levels of our game.

This might be about ‘getting’ one person as far as Football Queensland is concerned. But in going after one of us, you are going after all of us.

You can donate to a GoFundMe campaign to assist Bonita with her legal costs. Any unused funds will be donated to the Pararoos by the Australian Sports Foundation.

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